This box was built for Jordan Richards but it was stolen a few days after it was built. His brother had it in his car when he crashed it and in the process an amp flew through  one of the subs which were 450 watt impp pioneer 12's.

          In this picture the box is not finished i had just got done carpeting it and the edges were not finished or the faceplate. The face plate was a piece of 1/4 inch plexy glass that was painted matalic red to match the subs. I sealed the box with white calking and devided the subs off with 3/4 inch mdf to give it better sound.

          I charged 160$ to do this box thats including everything but the subs themself.

This box was built for lisa harison . It started out as an old sealed box that was not being used so we cut it down and changed the dimensions.
Instead of using our good wood on a new box we just made over her old one. In this picture we are making the most of our wood we took the old top and bottom and biscuit jointed it to the old front to gain three inches on either peice.
In this picture the glue has set and the wood is being filled to eliminate any uneven surfaces between the two jointed peices.
These are the peices we ended up with. We made the box deeper and shorter and added a center divider.
This is the box when it was being assembled
This is the side peice with the counter top material attached to it. it was a pretty ugly color but we changed that later.
Here we were just finishing the carpet on the sides and corners.
This is the box in the body shop being prepared for paint.
We painted the sides the same color as her beretta GTZ.
This is the finished product.
This box was also built for Jordan Richards to hold his two Pioneer 1000 watt 12's
In this picture the box had its sides carpeted grey to match the silver faceplate that was put on later
Here it shows the bass color of the box which is black. only the edges were done at this point.
Unfortunatly i didn't get chance to get any pictures of the box before it was gone.
This is an amp enclosure that was built for Laura Harrison. In this picture we were hiding the wires in groves we made with the table saw. We did this so when the enclosure was carpeted you wouldn't be able to see any wires.
The wires that had to be hidden went to the two fans on either end for air circulation and the other wires go to the two lights on the top.
The inside of the case was painted with grey spacle stone to immitate the image of carpet.
This angle shows the lights and the plexy glass top that allows you to see the amp while it is in the enclosure.
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