New Brunswick 1st Edition BMW Riders


Our members' interests include riding and maintaining their bikes. Most members attend several rallys each season, including BMW RA and MOA events depending on the distance and other factors. There are several relatively small and really friendly local rallies each year.

The club has an annual members' mileage contest, as well as a "four corners of New Brunswick" contest. Some of our members have completed several Iron Butt rides for certificates, and follow endurance riding events such as the Iron Butt rally with keen interest.

Members are always willing to assist with roadside troubles or travel advice. The executive members as of 2003:
  • Richard Ward - President
  • Ken Robinson - Secretary-Treasurer

The club is developing a small "lending library" of motorcycle related books to be shared among members. For more information, please see library.
Last modified:   2003/07/19
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