Swastika Information
Swastika Information
Swastika (swos'ti ka or, esp. Brit., swas'-), n,

Traditional Buddhist Good Luck Symbol. Used by Shaolin Monks, and Buddhist alike.
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1. a geometrical figure used as a symbol or an ornament in the Old World and in America since prehistoric times, consisting of a cross with arms of equal length, each arm having a continuation at right angles, and all four continuations extending either clockwise, or counterclockwise.

Types of Swastikas

The Aztec Swastika

The Bali Swastika

The Celtic Swastika

The Ceylon Swastika

The Chinese Swastika

The Christian Swastika

The Grecian Swastika

The Hindu Swastika

The Hopi Swastika

The Islamic Swastika

The Jain Swastika

The Japanese Swastika

The Jewish Swastika

The Lapland Swastika

The Malta Swastika

The Tibet Swastika

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