Naturally Art
By Melissa McIntyre
Commissions and Requests
What's the difference?

Commissions are works of art created with a very specific subject in mind while requests are of a more general subject.  For example, if you wanted a painting of a calico cat, that would be a request.  If you wanted a painting of YOUR calico cat, that would be a commission.

Commissions require at least one good, focused photograph of the subject.  More is better!  Both commissions and requests require a detailed description of exactly what you are looking for- position, colours, size, price, medium, surface- more is better!  The more information you give, the more accurate and pleasing the artwork will be for you.  A few preliminary sketches may be drawn up for you to choose from.

Commissions and requests are available in any of the following combinations:

Acrylic: artist's paper, watercolour paper, canvas,slate, river rock (rounded), feather, shell, leaf
Watercolour: watercolour paper
Pastel: artist's paper, watercolour paper, other papers may be available
Charcoal: artist's paper, other paper may be availble
Colour pencil: artist's paper, other paper may be available
Graphite: artist's paper, other paper may be avaible

            All paper products are acid-free for a long, bright life.

Commissions and requests are priced on an individual basis.  Please note:  the full amount is required before the finished work will be send home. 
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