Naturally Art
By Melissa McIntyre
About the Artists
Melissa McIntyre
Wildlife and Pet Art

It was my father who instilled in me my love of art.  When I was very young, I would watch while he painted and soon I was collecting watercolour pallettes and ten-cent paintbrushes to join him.

Today, most of my work is done in acrylics, on natural surfaces- rocks, feathers, leaves, shells etc.  I love the challenge of finding the right rock or leaf for a certain painting.  I begin a piece by envisioning the completed work in detail- where it sits on the stone or page, the shapes, the colours, the expression in the eyes.  I believe in the old saying "the eyes are the windows to the soul".  It's what sets the tone for a paintign or  a sketch.  When people see my art, I'd like them to feel the emotional texture of the painting.
Katie Dyck
Handmade Jewelry
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