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Welcome to Natural High Alpine Adventures' FAQ's about climbing Aconcagua.  Here you will find answers to many of the questions you will have about climbing Aconcagua.  If you have any other questions please contact us.

Why should I use a guide service to climb Aconcagua?
It is highly recommended you use a guide service as your guide has years of experience and knows the route very well.  This makes it much safer for you and gives you a much better chance of success.  It is safer because you have an expedrienced person that knows the route.  It is very easy to get lost on Aconcagua.  Another reason is that Natural High takes care of all the logistics for you. This gives you more time to concentrate on things such as conditioning, equipment and climbing.  With years of experience and local contacts you know that your Aconcagua expedition is top-quality.  It is proven that guided expeditions have a higher success rate on Aconcagua.

Is the US$500 Guanacos permit  icluded in the price of your Aconcagua expedition?
Yes, the permit is included in the cost of our Aconcagua climbs.  All permits are included.

What footwear do you recommend to climb the Guanacos route on Aconcagua?
Eventhough the Guanacos route is a non-technical way to the summit we still recommend you use double plastic mountaineering boots.  These boots are much warmer and supportive than leather boots.

How heavy a pack will I have to carry on Aconcagua?
On the approach to the basecamp you will need only carry a daybag as the expedition is mule supported but above basecamp your pack will be upwards of 50lbs.  However a porter can be organized for an additional fee.

Do I need to cook and what kind of food will we be eating on the Aconcagua expedition?
No you do not need to cook.  Your guides will take care of all the cooking needs and all your snacks are included.  The food that you will be eating is fantastic!  On the approach to basecamp we will be eating fresh vegetables, meats, breads and cheeses.  We even have a traditional asado (Argentinian BBQ) with the arierios (cowboys).  Above basecamp we do not use freeze dried food.  Your guide will prepare a variety of flavourful foods high in energy such as pastas, rice, couscous,etc.  If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know and we can accomodate.

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