The Artist's Biography
Contributions To Art
1993 - Designed flyer for an AKAdemic Pageant, which restarted my creative engine!
1994 - Painted van and garbage cans as a volunteer for Philosophy of PEACE
1999 - Worked as an art instructor for the YMCA and Operation PEACE

Poetry Publications
Seventh Grade of Junior High - First poem, My Niagra Falls Trip, published  in writing contest conducted statewide.
1996 - 2000 - Self published a new edition of poetry for each year
1996 -Second poem,
Far Too Expensive, published in Pitch Black Poetry Volume I, and operated by Fireside Productions
1997 - Third poem,
Bee Whee's Hair Salon, published in Pitch Black Poetry Volume II
1998 - Fourth poem,
Poetry Is My Drug Of Choice,
presented in book published by
2004 - Fifth poem,
The Seed of FAITH,
presented in book published by

Poetry Performances
1996 - Opened for The Last Poets with EmRoup
1996- Opened for Jessica Care Moore with EmRoup
1997 - Featured Artist on Poetry In Perspective
1998 - Featured Artist on community radio station

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