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NATURAL PLANT DYES, a book by Judith V Hallett, is a practical and simple guide to dyemaking with plants, which takes the reader step-by-step from plant collection to dyed yarn so easily that even novices will be inspired to try. The book features 64 pages of instructions, diagrams and colour photographs and is a soft cover A4 size.

Plants are a source of an incredible range of colours. At the back of the book, lists cover well over 100 plants, each of which can potentially release five different colours with different mordants. The lists are organised under colour divisions, grouping plants which will provide a particular colour and under common names and  botanical names.
This is an excellent introductory book on dyeing.

The author Judith V Hallett has been for some 15 years the dyeing advisor for the Queensland (Australia) Spinners, Weavers and Dyers Group. She has lectured widely and conducted workshops in dyeing and is also an accomplished spinner and weaver. After experimenting for many years with plants for dyes, she wants to give back to the craft all that she has learnt so that others will benefit from her experience and the craft will continue for years to come.

Judith's book is now available from the author for the price of $10.00 (Australian dollars) plus p&h. Please contact her by email for details and p&h costs.

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