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Current MP3 links for Natural Blend ,our biggest selection from Pitch Black 'The Club


if you wish to order a copy of 'Pitch Black' please Please submit this information by clicking here and filling out the form , include how many copies you wish to purchase, 'Pitch Black' retails for $16.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. If you wish you can also order by sending a check for the same amount to Desert Sky Records, at H.C.R 3032, Joshua Tree ,CA 92252. Make checks payable to Clive Wright. Please be sure to include your shipping address

Check out tracks from the upcoming Pitch Black album Click here

Currently Chris is getting ready to drop his first album called "Pitch Black."he has teamed up with English producer/composer Clive Wright, Clive was a a platinum selling artist with the 80's band Cock Robin, he later wrote and produced with the Platinum selling R&B artist Montell Jordan. Together Chris and Clive bring to the table a fresh and different sound to the Hip Hop genre.

Also featured on the album are up and coming artists Alan Morris, Jr Chrisís extremely talented brother, and singer Alyssa Cooper. Their first single from the debut album is "The Club" featuring L-Capone, Alyssa Cooper, and Natural Blend. Producer Clive Wright also arranges the track plays guitar, synth keyboards and programs the beats with Chris.

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