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Chris Hardison A.K.A. Natural Blend

Christopher N. Hardison was born in 1971 in Johnstown, PA on the 24th of September. He has spent most of his life in Johnstown, but now resides in California. He grew up as a sports/ music fanatic, and was fortunate enough to pursue these interests in his life professionally . He played basketball throughout high school and college. He now coaches high school basketball but his music career is now jumping into overdrive......Big Time , currently there is a growing buzz and excitement about Chris as Night Clubs and Radio stations add him to their playlists .

His background in music started at age five when he began playing the drums in church. He continued pursuing his musical dreams through his adolescent years. He started to D.J. locally and soon gained popularity and respect throughout the community. His DJ name was Christyle, eventually changing it to Natural Blend. He then started creating beats for some local rappers. . His most recent band "Blacksands" consisted of himself and two other members. Currently Chris is getting ready to drop his first album called "Pitch Black."he has teamed up with English producer/composer Clive Wright, Clive was a a platinum selling artist with the 80's band Cock Robin, he later wrote and produced with the Platinum selling R&B artist Montell Jordan. Together Chris and Clive bring to the table a fresh and different sound to the Hip Hop genre.

Also featured on the album are up and coming artists Alan Morris, Jr Chrisís extremely talented brother, and singer Alyssa Cooper. Their first single from the debut album is "The Club" featuring L-Capone, Alyssa Cooper, and Natural Blend. Producer Clive Wright also arranges the track plays guitar, synth keyboards and programs the beats with Chris.

if you wish to order a copy of 'Pitch Black' please give us your email address or let us know how you can be contacted, the album is expected to be released around the end of May 2001. Please submit this information by clicking here and filling out the form , include how many copies you wish to purchase, 'Pitch Black' retails for $15.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling.

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