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Supreme Winner!
Girls 0-23 months
Natural Beauties Photo Contest
Girls 2-3
Girls 4-6
Girls 7-9
Girls 10-13
Girls 14-17
Girls 18 & up
We would very much appreciate sponsorships from other contests.  However, we will only offer prizes that are TOTALLY "free".  (Not, "free WITH purchase" or "Buy ONE, get one free", and no "discounts".)
Boys 0-2
Boys 3-6
Supreme Winner
Boys 7 & up
Each month there will be ONE Supreme Winner.  The Supreme Winner will be awarded a certificate, graphic and HALF of the cash which was raised in that month's contest!
Age Division Winner
Each month there will be one Queen/King per age division.  The age division winner will receive a graphic, certificate and his/her choice of tiara, trophy or gift bag.  No double-crowning.
Optional Winner
Optionals will be selected from All Contestants for that month.  Optional winners will receive a certificate and gift bag.
Optional Categories:
Most Beautiful/Handsome
Most Engaging Personality
Most Creative
Best Portfolio
Best Head Shot
Photos must be less than 50k and be submitted in jpg, gif or bitmap format.  No zipped files will be accepted.  If you prefer to snail mail your photo, please email for the correct address.  Not responsible for photos lost in the mail.

This is a Natural Beauty contest.  Tasteful make-up is permitted in photos.  However, we will deduct points for heavy make-up and obviously retouched photos.

Entry fee is $25 .  Additional photos are $5 each.
You may snail mail or PayPal your payment.  PayPal email is: [email protected].  Email for postal mailing address.

You are automatically entered for all optionals and supreme with your base entry fee.

With 10 or more in an age division, we will split into two separate divisions.
With 30 or more total contestants, we will offer two Supreme titles and each will get one-fourth of the money submitted for that month.
If you refer two paid contestants, you will be given a free entry to the next month's contest.

Deadline for entries is last day of each month.  All contestants will be posted before contest is judged for that month.  Judges will remain anonymous and decisions of judges is final.  There will be no refunds given.  Thank you.
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