Atheism--it's only natural!
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Announcing Natural Atheism, a new book by Dr. David Eller, author of From Culture to Ethnicity to Conflict andViolence and Culture (both available from the author) -- and the upcoming Culture and the Real World.

A founding father once said that all humans are born "natural atheists."  However, the father was John Wesley, and what he was founding was Methodism.  He went on to say that, while atheism is the "natural" state of humans, it is like a "birth defect" that must be corrected by breaking the will of the child and replacing it with obedience and dogma.

Natural Atheism shows that the natural god-free condition of humans is the correct and a good condition.  In the most wide-ranging treatment of atheism in many years, Eller discusses such topics as:

--the "12 steps" to atheism: arguments for and against god(s)
--how to use reason like a vaccine against mind-viruses
--what cultural relativism means, and what things are relative or not relative
--the proper relation between atheism and agnosticism: agnosticism is not a "position" at all but a process...which ends in atheism
--the proper relation between knowledge and belief ("knowing is not believing")
--the relation(s) between science and religion
--the source of toleration (not religion) and what it means for religion
--why separation of church(es) and state is good for both, and how we arrived at it in America
--why America was NOT conceived as a Christian country
--the worldwide phenomenon of fundamentalism, and how IT is culturally relative
--why atheists can and should form organizations and what they should use them for
--what living in a "disenchanted" world would be like, and encouraging atheists to begin to form a picture of the kind of society they would create

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Frank Zindler, editor of American Atheist Press, has called "Natural Atheism" the "textbook of atheism" and "the most important book on atheism since Madalyn Murray O'Hair's death."

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Be proud of your natural atheism and be willing to foster it in others.  There is nothing wrong--and everything right--about being without god(s).
Atheism--isn't it beautiful!
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