~Clan of the Natu Sapsi Kita~
    This clan is built soley for the purpose of  keeping the lamira race intact, updated and roleplayed to the best we can in the realm of Imperian.  It is no way associated to how the clan for lamiras *in* the realm would be...but can be modeled after the ideas here if lamira in Imperian want their clan like this.  The following positions are for those who recieve the password to this site so they are able to work on the pages for their tribes.  Child of the Three is for the main person who heads up this site and also the msn site for lamirans of Imperian.  Songs of the Circles are aides to the Voices but do not recieve the password. Anyone is able to become a Song of the Circle.  To nominate the lamira you wish to be the Voice for your tribe, please send a nomination to the Voice board of the msn site for Natu Sapsi Kita.
Child of the Three
Voice of the Anyissa
Nominated List:
Voice of the Fasch
Nominated List:
Voice of the Kyo
Nominated List:
Songs of the Circles
For the lami-anyissa
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