Lamiran Culture
    If you were born a full-blooded lamira, you would begin life by breaking through the ercova that held you after leaving your mother's womb.  Those lamirai that could break through the membrane encasing were supposedly blessed by the gods with the a future of strength and luck.  If, by chance, your blood was mixed with another race, the ercova that held you, when broken, would be filled with wet, sticky blood.  The lamirai would then have to be bathed to cleanse the blood from its skin - or most often, if born underwater, predators can easily find the mother and infants.
Lamirai are usually compared to the common infant or toddlers.  They're usually born in many numbers at one time to further the survival of struggling with underwater dangers that plague the lamira people.  Many lamirai do not reach maturity, and are taken care of, generally, by the whole community.   The majority of lamirai are not given too much affection or given special care because lamirans believe that in order for their babies to grow strong in the ways of survival, their infants must - with luck and fate - survive the first few years of their life in order to be strong for their arduous future.
     Infants are mainly taught one thing before reaching the next stage of life; swimming, or
ernai. Swimming becomes the basic survival method in keeping one's life intact.  An infant that cannot swim is seen as even more hopeless to the walk of life and special care might be given to teach this lamirai.  Lamirans do believe in survival amongst themselves, but the thought of not having any chance at all to survive after birth is too much to bear. 
Childhood to Adulthood - The Growing Years
    When the tiny lines of barbed fin or webbing form along your limbs, and your eyes have better adjusted to the degree of depth you live in, you are now considered to be an eranumi, which is comparable to a young child of the common.
     Because you have passed the stage of fate's fortune and survived this long, you are officially considered a member of your clan's family.   Your clan might hold a celebration in order to name you (a Naming Ceremony); as lamira believe that if you bear a name as a lamirai, Death can track you down more easily.  Your clanhead might give you a special gift of token that is a symbol held important by the clan. 
     Your skin now takes on a tinge of blue to it as your ernai skills increase.  If an eranumi has been born in such places as a river, stream, lake or the very deepest parts of the ocean, it might affect the color of your skin differently.
    You are taught the
lami, or your specific tribe's language, at this time.  Lami-anyissa, lami-fasch and lami-kyo litterally mean language of the anyissa, language of the fasch and language of the kyo.  The strong bonds created between members of your clan are taught to you so that as you grow, they are hopefully revered and honored by you and your descendants.
     Eventually your attributes in appearance, depending on where you've grown up or the aspects of your parents, cease and you look the way you do for the rest of your life...providing you stay under the waves.  A celebration then commences of the named, grown eranumi.  During the celebration, tests of strength, wits and skills are given.  The whole community joins in during the celebration and a great feast is usually prepared.  This is a time for each clan to gloat about the strengths their eranumis might prove in the tests.  After all, it will be these young honored who will be formally inducted into their families' clans as full members when the celebration ends.  It is also a time to honor the ancestors who have given great spirits of will to the eranumi who have luckily survived the dangers underwater since their birth.  During this celebration, eranumi are given tasks to help serve their community and allowed to roam freely about their realms to do as they desire.
     Lamirans encourage intelligence, strong sense of social obligation, fierce survival and secrecy.  To keep their race living and thriving, these things are taught to all lamira; especially the young.  Very rarely, when brought up inside lamiran culture will a lamira who's emerged to live surface life leave the old ways behind.
Lamiran Bonding
    When a lamiran desires to begin a family, a male lamira will seek a female most compatable with his skills and intellect.  Once found, he will ask permission of her Papan or the family clanhead in order to proclaim himself cemu to his intended.  This allows the girl's father or the familyhead to decide the strengths the bond will or willnot bring to the clan in the future.  Often the clanhead or father will grill the male in question and give him rather rough tests to 'make sure' it's a good match.  If agreed that the two match, and the female in question agrees, she is just given to his care.  It is not just the males who seek the females in bonding, but often the females as well.  They will often search out males who they believe can give good attributes to the children they might have.
     Most often bonding is like a game amongst the tribes.  Males and females desire to see that their bonded have skills of strength in mind, will, survival, intellect and hunting.  Often the two desiring to bond will test each other in order to see that their skills and intellect are equally balanced.  Sometimes this might take days, sometimes weeks...sometimes years.  Bonding should not be taken lightly; when a lamira finds an equal of their desired traits, they are seen as made for each other to be bonded for the rest of their lives.  And equal does not always mean that one lamira must be equally skilled as the one they wish to bond with.  For example, one with the strength to hunt well and one with the strength to prepare food well surely means both will eat well for the rest of their lives.
     Any two that bond are seen as an opportunity to further their clan's growth, their tribe's growth and the growth of the race as a whole.  The clans of the two bonding throw a celebration when the two in question finally agree to unite and the clan family heads of each offer a special blessing.  Over time it has been known to be a competition as to which family or clan head that gives the better blessing.  But it is generally taken to heart, the blessings, as it's important for the female or male's family to desire good-will to the pair's future.
    Life is precious to a lamira.  When losing another that has grown past lamirai stage, the whole community generally mourns the best part of your life that they have lost:  intellect, strengths of will and skills, friendship, status in family or if you have not had offspring to carry on the culture your family has bestowed in you.
     They will give a ceremony of farewell for your spirit to finally be carried away to the stars by the Silver Manta Ray, or the
druil lexandi, Death's right hand.  It is said that once you've become a star in the are placed within the care of your ancestors to watch over your family or clan.
     But they will also celebrate the aspects that you have given in your lifetime.  The very things they will mourn losing will be the very things they celebrate having while you were alive.  If you have borne children, they will be honored as the blessings you've left behind for your clan and tribe.
The Arts
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