There's an angel on my shoulder and I know it must be you,
A whisper in my ear from a voice
I always knew.
Sometimes a gentle breeze, where it never should have been,
You let me know you're with me from a place where time begins.
A touch when no one's there, a flicker in my eye, a rainbow where a storm had been, in a dark and rolling sky.
I know you are my angel, and your heart beats on in me.
Your love shines down around me from a place I can not see.
Some may think I am crazy, some may not believe, but I can feel your spirit, I know you'll never leave.
Your wings wrap me in warmth, your halo shows me light, your whispers keep me safe, in darkness of the night.
I hope that you are proud,
there will never be another,
Because, there is no love greater,
Than a child for their mother.
I love you and miss you mom.
                   ~ Love ~
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