Songs are funny things. They can slip across borders, proliferate in prisons, penetrate hard shells. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history. Pete Seeger

You know, a friend of mine recently asked me about the kinds of music I liked as a child and if that music really influenced the direction of my life or if it was just something to mindlessly enjoy while killing time. At the time, everything from Loretta Lynn and Peter Frampton to Sam Cooke and Bon Jovi raced through my mind and it was hard to name just one musical influence let alone describe how the music influenced me. That is almost a trick question because music by its very nature becomes something different and means something new every time you experience it. At least it does for me and I have probably been influenced by, just about, every note of every blessed song that I have ever heard.

Then, a few days later, while I was in a totally vulnerable and stressed out moment, the answer came flooding into my mind just as clearly as if it were still 1982 when my Uncle Elric used to blast it from his stereo while playing games with me. This is what I heard�

When you�re a child of the Father
You just break down and cry.
Don�t hide your eyes.
Because when you�re a child of the Father.
He�ll rush right to your side and he will fight.

Upon those words I just sat stupified for a minute and fought back tears because the moment was so utterly profound. I mean, here I am today in 2005, a few short months from turning 30 years old, life kicking my tail mercilessly at the moment and the first thing I heard when I am about to give up all hope was the hauntingly clear voices of Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart singing to my spirit.

It was in that moment that I realized what answer I should have given. My answer should have been the Contemporary Christian music of the 80�s. That is the very first music that I remember loving as a child and, while at the time it was a mindless activity because I listened to whatever my mother and uncle were playing at the time, today it comes to me unbidden when I need encouragement, direction or focus and guides me in the direction of the Lord. That is why I decided to create this site. First of all to honor God for quietly shaping my mind and heart on the sly while I was just a child playing in the room while the stereo played. Secondly, to honor the artists and groups that impacted my life although I never met any of them and last, by not least, to thank my mother and my uncle for loving God, acknowledging Him in our home and for making Him a part of my everyday life from childhood so that acknowledging Him today is not the chore it is for most folks but a habit that I cannot imagine not having.

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