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Magick & the Stars has been removed

Melanie Worley is using that information and more to complete a book called, Facts About the Craft, which is expected to be completed soon. She would like to thank all of the guests that have viewed her page over the last few years and hope that her web site has been helpful and informative.

Please feel free to check out her other websites:

Her author's site:

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Facts About the Craft will be as follows:


Chapter 1 Paganism

Chapter 2 Magick

Chapter 3 Astrology

Chapter 4 Divination

Chapter 5 Herbs (Medicinal & Ritualistic)

Chapter 6 Stone Magick

Chapter 7 Sabbats

Chapter 8 Traditions

Chapter 9 Psychic & Mental Arts

Chapter 10 Spells, Charms & Chants

Chapter 11 Satanism - What is it really?

Chapter 12 Terms & Definitions

Chapter 13 Resources



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