Hi and huggles to everybody!

I'm Natta and this is my homepage. The two things I love is Lord Of the Rings and then especially Merry and Pippin, mostly Merry and Dominic Monaghan. (Note: I loved Merry long before Dominic got the role, I know my two loves are different persons, so they've got nothing to do with each other, meaning I did not start to love one simply cuz I loved the other...get it?) Okay, this site is kinnda new and I've got so much that I'd like to put in here, but I guess it'll take some time...anyway I've got a few stories on fanfic and then we'll see...

The mirror shows many things. Things that were, Things that are:


and some things...that has not yet come to pass:

About me




I just entered a new group on Yahoo, it's called Merry_Piplovers. It's a slashgroup, I don't write slash myself but I have nothing against it...*grins* As long as it's not NC-17, I can live without that...the pic from above I found at lordoftherings.net, just a small disclaimer...
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