Our Boys - Devon & Dalton
Devon 9 yrs  & Dalton 4 yrs
Dalton in his kitty cat makeup
Dalton - a little sunburned
Devon - one of my all time favorites
Devon & Dalton - Cruise 2001
Dalton & Devon  - last year - cruise 2000
Dalton - School Picture 2001
May 2001
Devon - School Picture 2001
Devon & Dalton
Rockingham, NC  1999
Devon & Dalton  - Mexico 2000
Dalton & Devon
Columbus, GA  July 2000
Dalton & Devon
Memphis, TN  Oct 2000
Tupelo, MS October 2001
Devon & Dalton
July 2000
Our oldest son is very smart, almost too smart.
He has always been a straight "A" Honor Roll student .
Hard to believe now that he was once a 3 lb premie.
Devon was born 13 weeks early and had major hurdles to overcome during his early years.  He is a remarkable child who has a desire to learn everything.
(I'm not really sure where he gets that)
Our youngest son is "THE baby".  He won't accept anything less. 
He is the sweetest little boy, always looking for a lap to sit in or a bed to climb in so he can snuggle.  (which I might add, presents some problems since he IS 5yrs old).
He is always ready with a hug or kiss and no matter how horrid you look ,he's there in an instant saying "you're so  pretty".  And if you need a little helper, he's your guy.  Just ask his Aunt Debbie.

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