Our Cuddly Cats
These are my "Kitty Kids".
Click each name to see pictures
* Oscar *
- Seal Point Siamese -
Oscar is our BIG baby.
He is my "Oscar Baby" and he knows it.  He rules the roost and thinks he owns half of our bed.  ( he does )
* Harley *
- Cream Persian -
Harley is a sweetheart.  He is a sensitive cat that doesn't mind showing you exactly how he feels, good or bad.  (he has been known to pout when he feels left out)
* Gracie *
- Blue Smoke Persian -
Gracie is SO sweet and loving.  I enjoy watching her play even when she chases the computer mouse, which can be annoying at times.
* Fancy *
- Seal Mitted Ragdoll -
Fancy is here!
She is the most beautiful kitten.  She wasted no time joining the gang and has made friends with everyone.  Fancy is now the proud new owner of the other half of our bed. (not that there was ANY bed left)
* Misty *
- Blue Point Ragdoll -
was our newest addition to the family.  She may be the runt of the bunch but she has the largest heart and is not afraid to battle with the biggest of them for her edge of the bed.
* Rhett/aka Rex *
- Blue Mitted Ragdoll -
Rhett is now our newest addition.  He is the retired father of both Fancy & Misty.  He is a big boy who is as sweet and playful as the younger cats.  He also has been battling for his tiny corner of our bed.  Oscar, at the moment, is not so happy with the idea of another big boy moving in.
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