Nat's Family
Dad - Norm Adcock
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Dad (Norm) and Jan
Race For The Cure
October 2000
Papa Ricks, Devon, Nat, Mom, Jewel
Elena Adcock
Nytus Ricks
Debbie and Mike Sassano
Mama Adcock, Dad and Jan
Papa (Arthur) Devon & Dalton
Mom (Sheryl)
Our Survivor
Janice Adcock
Tuplelo Race For The Cure
October 27, 2001
Our "Mens Team"
Mike, Devon, Eddie, Dalton
& Dad A.K.A Norm
Tupelo, MS Oct 27, 2001
Jan, Dalton & Devon
Oct 27, 2001
Dad & Jan
Race For The Cure
Tupelo, MS
Oct 27, 2001
Tiny Pink Ribbons

Tiny pink ribbons
folded on our chest.
Tiny pink ribbons
show that we are blessed.

Our lives and bodies
have often times paid
the very painful price,
for cancer to invade.

Some of us will live,
but others may die.
We cry and we wonder,
and ask God, why?

But the touch of the Master
no matter how far,
can turn a pink ribbon
into a shining star.

So we cannot fail,
or give into despair.
For all of our daughters
with pink ribbons in their hair.

Susan Vuncannon  11-11-97
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