1. It's a hot day outside and you want to take a walk. What's your outfit?

Spaghetti strap tank, board shorts, flip flops
Track pants, t-shirt, runners
Bikini top and bottom, with a wrap around your waist, flip flops
A pair of shortalls and t-shirt, runners
Three-quarter tee, capris, sandals
Beanie hat, SailorMoon tshirt, clogs

2. You're home for the day, and nothing to do. You put on:

Basketball jersey and shorts
Wool sweater with a winter scene and fuzz balls on it, too-short kakhis
Blue tee and pants, zip-up pullover
Mini t-shirt and tight jeans

3. It's the year end party. You are dressed:

All out. Bright puke green sweater with "matching" orange pants.
Clean, neat jeans and a fancy top.
Baggy jeans and loose t-shirt.
Champion tearaways and Adidas top
Mini-skirt, tube top, 6" heel sandals
Latest jeans with a halter

4. You're shopping, looking for new clothes. Your first store is:

Old Navy/Gap
Fashion Network (on TV)
Value Village/your mom's old hippie clothes
Victoria's Secret
Sport Chek/Athlete's World

5. Spring is in school. YOU are in:

Overalls and a grungy top
Short, breezy summer dress. Happens to also be quite revealing.
Nike cap, Adidas shorts, sweat shirt on hand
Board shorts, tee that has a cute flower on it
Your old man's bellbottoms and his crazy PEACE tee
White capris, solid blue tee, short sleeve zip up pullover

6. Your mom has called up all your relatives around the globe. You, in preparation...

Get out your most expensive and dressiest outfit to show off
Pull out that headband and basketball outfit (jersey, short, shoes), ready to play some one-on-on with your cousins
Wear your swimsuit under board shorts and tank, 'cause you heard your guy cousin is bringing his bud
Shrug indifferently and go the way you are (sweats)
Wear your nicest pair of jeans and matching top
Decide to go Goth for a day (just to prove you don't take after any relative)

7. Last words? (Which phrase is yours?)

Wicked, man
You're an airplane.
Yo, wanna play?

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