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Do you want to use the best essential oils guided by the leading aromatherapists in the world? Then let us lead you to Dr. Gary Young's Young Living Essential Oils and Talsiman's Madini Perfume Essences from the famous Madini Perfumery of Morocco!
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In Moroccan lore, perfume attracts the favor of the Angels. Madini perfume essences of Morocco come from a centuries-old dynasty of perfume makers. Today, Suleiman Madini is carrying forth 14 generations of perfume tradition. Madini oils are heavenly aromas from natural essential oils. Choose from classic single notes such as Rose, Gardenia, Jasmine and Henna or the many new or ancient eastern perfume creations. This is the perfume of legends.
Madini perfume creations are enjoyed by many Middle Eastern monarchs and have just been introduced to the West by Talisman. A Kuwaiti princess searched the world for the perfect Rose perfume until she found Madini. She now buys the rose oil by the kilo!
Madini oils are surprisingly exquisite and affordable. You can sample 5 oils for only $15.  Madini essences are highly concentrated. One drop lasts the entire day! Alochol is never used for diluting because it is believed that it would kill the "ruh" or soul of the plant or flower's essence. We hope that you enjoy Madini Perfumes. They are a treasure!
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Because we have found that essential oils are absolutely essential to our well-being, we searched and searched and found that Young Living Essential Oils are the best therapeutic-grade oils around! They are made with integrity! YLEO was founded by a scientist who brought himself back to full health using essential oils after being told he would never walk again. YLEO oils are guaranteed organic and are leading the way in essential oil technology with joint-venture research farms in Provence, France and Seville, Spain.
Our personal favorites are the Raindrop Therapy Kit and the Feelings Kit. However, YLEO always recommends the Essential 7 Kit with all the basic goodies to start out with. Kits are fun but of course you can explore the oils without a kit. All the oils are excellent! Some great single notes are lavender, lemon, frankincense, myrrh, and ylang ylang. Some great blends are Harmony, Grounding, Inner Child, Present Time, and Gentle Baby. There are even many edible oils that are beneficial in cooking such as Basil, Oregano, and Marjoram.
The patented YLEO diffuser, which retains the quality of the oil, is wonderful in office spaces and homes for shared effects and feng shui. Otherwise, the oils can be directly applied as recommended or diluted in carrier oils, unscented bath gels, lotions, and shampoos. Please explore The Dragonfly Garden YLEO website for order information or just to learn more about these oils!
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