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Our travels have begun! We are now exploring the beautiful village of Teotitlan Del Valle. Tapestries are at the center of life in this Zapotec artesan village, recorded as the first settlement of Zapotecs in the valley of Oaxaca.
Here the people are renown for their ancient weaving tradition and wisdom with wool! This tradition is said to date back before the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish. However, Spanish monks introduced looms and sheep to the people, whom originally weaved with back-strap looms in the 1500's.
The village is lovely! The people are not only extremely creative and talented, and very, very kind. Most teotitecos are engaged in some part of the rug production. Most often, family members work together and offer unique in-house designs, yarn colors, and weaving styles. With a population of 7,000, you can imagine the genius in tapestry offered here.
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