What does this site have to offer? Well, it isn't a native site that is for the ideals of animal spirits! No, this site deals with 'real' native sites. Sites that deal with modern day native issues. Modern natives do not live in tee-pees, sorry. Modern natives don't just ride horses and sing with drum in hand, sorry. Modern natives aren't sporting chokers, and decked out in buckskin or leather. Nope, the modern day natives play basketball, or hockey if you're canadian, and most likely live on reservations, or reserves if you're canadian. Modern natives still eat traditional foods, and obide by traditional conduct, in some ways. Modern natives, and traditionals are one in the same, but not so much in appearance.

Click here to enter the site that has been at a standstill for close to three years now. Sorry, but some of these links are good to go, and others are going to weirded out spots that aren't worth checking out. Enter at your own risk!

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