My name is Renee Island. I am proud to say that my heritage is of Native American descent and I am a member of the Southern Arapaho Tribe of Oklahoma. I hail from the great town of Calumet, Oklahoma yet in contrast; I was born in Kailua, Hawaii.

     One of the things that I am most proud about  is being a second year student at Canadian Valley Technical Center. I am completing my studies in web design. I find this type of work fascinating and look forward to a rewarding career in this field.

   Starting a new career has been somewhat intimidating at times, especially being a displaced worker that formerly worked for Xerox Corporation. However, my instructor Shara Christensen has enlightened my desire to learn and has given me a renewed confidence in myself to start a new career. Canadian Valley Technical Center has a great learning atmosphere and instructors who will work with you to help reach your goals and dreams.  





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