NEW BOOK: "Native Americans in Comic Books" by Michael Sheyahshe

The book is a thorough critique of cultural representation in American popular culture. The journey ends with a specific understanding of the comic book Indian and what the stereotypes mean on a broader basis. It represents the first of its kind in this vastly important research.



The Native Americans in Comic Books website will undergo major reconstruction during June 2009. Thanks for your patience and keep reading.

-Michael Sheyahshe

Native Americans in Comic Books, published by McFarland Publishing,  is a unique study and critique of the way in which we Indigenous people are represented in the popular medium of comic books. This work takes an in-depth look at the world of comic books through the eyes of a Native American reader and offers frank commentary on the medium's cultural representation.

For this book, Michael Sheyahshe has interviewed a host of individuals in the comic book industry: Tim Truman (creator/writer/artist for Scout), Alvin Schwartz (writer for Tomahawk from the 1940s), Terry LaBan (creator/writer/artist for Muktuk Wolfsbreath), Steve Englehart (creator/writer/artist for Coyote), John Ostrander (writer for Blaze of Glory), Rachel Pollack (creator/writer for Vertigo's Tomahawk), Jon Proudstar (creator/writer for Tribal Force), Mike Grell (creator/writer/artist for Shaman’s Tears), Jeff Mariotte (writer for Gen13 series), David Mack (creator/illustrator for the Daredevil character, Echo), Bradford. W. Wright (author of "Comic Book Nation"), and Jacquelyn Kilpatrick, Ph.D., (author of "Celluloid Indians").

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