The First Fire
The Story of Mink
Turtle Makes War On Men
Legend Of The Flute
How The Buffalo Got His Hump
Origin Of The Buffalo
Coyote Kills A Giant
Creator Visits
How Spirituality Came Into The World
Legend Of The Dreamcatcher
Why The Owl Has Big Eyes
The Legend Of The Talking Feather
The Girl Who Was Not Satisfied With Simple Things
The Ancient One
The First Moccasins
Raccoon Learns A Lesson
The Changing Of Mikjikj
How Buzzard Got His Clothing
Chipmunk and Bear
The Tale Of The Rooster's Tail
Why Coyote Stopped Imitating His Friends
Rainbow Crow
After The Flood
Wiklatmu`j - The Stone People
The Child Who Turned Into An Owl
The Good Looking Woman
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