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Native American Storytellers,
and pasted to this site in their original form.
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O'Siyo !   
Welcome to Native American Storytellers!
The stories and poems posted here are the original works of the members of the Yahoo Group  Native American Storytellers. It
started out with a few writers.  
We wrote stories.
Then came the poets. 
Then others came,�other writers
with different stories and poems
and thoughts to share.
We became a group of writers.  
We became friends.
Our circle grows today.
This site is the founders' way of
saying thank you to all the writers
who came and posted and stayed.
Here you will find stories and
poems that we have shared.
Hearts that we have shared.
If you would be a writer,�
a reader,� or just a friend, we invite you to the fireside.
Native American Storytellers
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