The Baker Act

Vindictive incarceration by use of the Baker Act in Okaloosa County Florida.

The Baker Act, signed into law in 1971 and named after its sponsor, former state Rep. Maxine Baker, was written to strengthen the legal and civil rights of patients in Florida's mental institutions. It also was intended to require the state to offer community services to most patients with mental illness and to reserve commitment only for those who pose a threat to themselves or others. 

Husband up-set about buying a new car? Have him Baker Acted.

Room-mate not paying rent? Have her Baker Acted.

Children acting like children? Have them Baker Acted.

Father saddened about his children being abused in a domestic violence shelter? Have him Baker Acted.

Housemate wants to use the phone? Have her Baker Acted.

A friend will not pay back a large loan? Have her husband Baker Acted.

One of your children has summer vacation. No plans? Have them Baker Acted.

Want to end a tenet/landlord dispute? Have the tenet Baker Acted.

The pattern of abuse starts.

  continuing with the theme.

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(.. how frequently many individuals use the Baker Act as an escape from their daily situations..)

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
February 14, 1998

(...New rules put into effect Feb. 2 by Broward County Circuit Court call for a mental-health professional to go out to the home and make an assessment of whether the person really needs to be admitted to a mental-health receiving facility to be examined, said Judge Mel Grossman, chief of the court's probate division...) (...Sometimes people try to use the Baker Act to their own advantage...)

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