About Us
Covering all 50 States
In America
It all started with THIS iguana! Draco.
He was my first Iguana rescue and came with another iguana named
Princess Emerald. My second Iguana rescue.
They both came from Baars, where I met
Dianne Flagg, At the time, Dianne was the adoption coordinator.
Well, after I saw just how many reptiles there were that needed to be rehomed,
I just started thinking..... I can help here!

I used to be an adoption coordinator for the humane society, and then ran a 1/2 way house for homeless animals
for a while. I did nothing but
find homes the critters.

I took a break from the critters after surgery, and was not able to do the things I needed to do to take care of the animals.

I have better health now, and was so missing helping out the animals, I just fell right back into it naturally.
I work with all sorts of animals,
This site is for reptiles, However IF your interested in Farm Animals,
Please check out
Farm Animal Sanctuary
If your interested in
Fish, and other aquatic animals
Aqua Tiki Pets
If your interested in other domestic,
animals or interested in any other animal
check out
Secondhand Animals
The National Reptile Foundation
is funded by memberships, and donations,
and from my website building,
and all the fundraising effort by the Founder,
Lisa Chiapero.
all fundraising efforts are listed at this site
Our address is
National Reptile Foundation
C/o Lisa Chiapero
P.o. Box 2533
Fort Bragg,
Ca., 95437
Our phone # is (707)964-4881

Our mission is to have an adoption coordinator for each state.
If you check out our
State by State link,
and you do not see anyone listed there, you are interested in this position,
Please call!
I am in California.
Thank you , Lisa Chiapero
Founder /  President.

National Reptile Foundation
Princess Emerald
If you live outside the
United States of America
Please join the
International Reptile Foundation!
I'm still working on this site, and as time allows, I will add more photos, and perhaps more pages. We started out
small, with just 2 beautilful iguanas, and have now adopted out 268 reptiles, and amphibians. If you have a need for a reptile, or a need for a new home for your reptile, we will be able to help you in locating the right home, and can foster it
if there is a need.
We really love our pets,
to us they're family.

This organization is growing, we are placing more reptiles, If you would like to
volunteer, Please do contact me!
This site is dedicated to the late
Steve Irwin, who inspired me beyond words, right into creating
The National Reptile Foundation.

        Yep! We stop for frogs!

Our Head Quarters is
located in
Fort Bragg California
We have Foster homes in many different states.
If you wish to become a foster home for the
National Reptile Foundation,
Please send your contact info to Lisa Chiapero
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