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This site is a small insight into the world of the National Redwing Dinghy and the people who sail them.
The Redwing is a traditional one-design clinker-built14 ft.(4.27m) racing dinghy sailed by a crew of two.
The rig is a straight forward bermudan sloop without spinnaker but with one trapeze for the crew.
Although the class is very small there are a few fleets of Redwings dotted around the UK
which are raced enthusiastically, often all year round. The Redwing is light & fast for
a clinker dinghy but is very durable and long-lived. Most of those built are still sailing,
including No.1, built in 1939.

Please read the latest class rules from the RYA
R245 (Crabbs [junior]) at Fishguard

R245 - Ben and John Crabb, champions 2003,2004,2006,2007

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