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   National Goldfish Awareness is an exciting young holiday.  Through the efforts of the National Goldfish Awareness Executive Council, whose purpose is to guide National Goldfish Awareness Week to greater growth and sustainability, National Goldfish Awareness Week continues to remain true to its values, and to raise awareness for the undervalued goldfish.  Learn more about what National Goldfish Awareness Week stands for, and its goals, by reading the history of this fabulous event.  Or find a personal connection with the stories of how National Goldfish Awareness Week has impacted the lives of those it has touched.
National Goldfish Awareness Week:  Coming Soon to a Person Near You!
That's right...National Goldfish Awarness Week is nigh upon us again.  Time goes ever on, bringing about theInevitabilities of life.  The presence of NGAW is no longer centralized and the influence of this great event continues to grow.  The celebration of the last year has brought the ultimate in NGAW triumph-A thesis statement created, written and molded about the event that has survived an online masters program.  Please feel free to enjoy the link to the entire article (about 14 pages of high quality, dramatic reading) below. 

Also available for this year are a limited supply of t-shirts.  Help NGAW grow and show your support with a classy shirt.  Hopefully soon we will have a model wearing the shirt on the site.

Also, please feel free to contact NGAW to help us generate a mailing list.  If there were actually people to mail to, a newsletter is not out of the question.

Thanks again for supporting this great event.


President of the National Goldfish Awareness Week Executive Advisory Council

Jacob Tabb

Tell your National Goldfish Awarness Week Experience,  or share the story of your beloved aquatic friend- past, present, or even future.

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