Hi! My name's Carlie (aka Arlice P Fryan) and this site is a shrine to Cailum my cow (see the front page, that is him when he wasn't dirty!), Ken, my puppy dog Ruffy,  my zebra fish Spot, my bestest buds, Venturers, music and all things a little bit psycho mental lentilish.

Hi To EvErYoNe LuVaBlE, hUgGaBlE, fRiEnDlY aNd ShRuMpIsH oUt ThEre!

I absoloutely adore Boxer Dogs, and I have one myself called Ruffy and he is the cutest widdle fing ever.

I am a Venturer Scout at Nunawading Venturer Unit, and I'm in this years production of Whitehorse Showtime The theme for 2001 is Federation, and I am the very proud newest patrol leader of National Patrol. Whitehorse Showtime is a and theatrical production put on by the Guides and Scouts of Maroondah and Whitehorse districts. We perform it in August and it was sooo much fun! If you want to see some funny photo's of it go to the Showtime site or Terry Chicken's site. If you want extra info or you want to come, email me.

anyhoo, i love everyone who visits this site! xxoo
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Name: Carlie Louise Ryan
Age: 16
Birthday: 21/9/1984
Starsign: Virgo
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ICQ: 86867350
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As soon as i get my scanner working again there will be more photos!! IE a NEW photo page, a pic for national patrol, a funny pic of me,  one of me and tess, our formal photos etc.
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