"De mallemolen" - Heddy Lester

"In the merry-go-round of life, everybody has their own little turn"

The Dutch Final was held on February 2nd at the Congresgebouw in The Hague, hosted by Ati Dijckmeester. The winning song was chosen by the votes of Dutch celebrities who voted for their favourite song.

1 Superster Superstar Oscar Harris 5 6th=
2 De mallemolen The merry-go-round Heddy Lester 28 1st
3 Annabelle Annabelle Arjan Brass 4 9th
4 Stop me Stop me Bonnie St.Claire 23 2nd
5 Toen kwam jij Then you came Rita Hovink 2 10th
6 Jany Jany Air Bubble 5 6th=
7 Pinokkio Pinocchio Peter Cook 8 4th
8 Ik wil de wereld laten zien dat ik kan dansen I want to show the world that I can dance Loeki Knol 5 6th=
9 Jouw lach Your smile Dick Rienstra 6 5th
10 Jij alleen Only you Maggie MacNeal 13 3rd

Heddy Lester came 12th at the Eurovision. Maggie McNeal had represented the Netherlands in 1974 as half of the duo Mouth & MacNeal.



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