"L'oiseau et l'enfant" - Marie Myriam

The French Final was held on March 6th hosted by Evelyne Leclercq, Patrick Sébastien & Yves Lecoq.  There were 2 semi-finals held to choose the 6 finalists - for details click here: FRENCH SEMI-FINALS 1977  The winner was chosen by televoting.

1 Du côté de l'enfance On the childhood side Delfine 6066 3rd
2 Chacun sa chanson d'amour To each their love song Pierre Charby 3562 5th
3 La vie tu sais Life, you know Colin Verdier 4845 4th
4 Je suis comme elle I am like her Monique Pianéa 2740 6th
5 La poupée The doll Corinne Colbert 7565 2nd
6 L'oiseau et l'enfant The bird and the child Marie Myriam 10178 1st

Marie Myriam went on to win the 1977 Eurovision. Corinne Colbert would go on to represent Monaco the following year under the name Caline.


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