"Goeie morgen, morgen" - Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal

The Belgian Final was held on February 6th. For details of the 9 semi-finals that were held before the final click here: BELGIAN SEMI-FINALS 1971 The winning song was chosen by the votes of an "expert" jury.

1 Dag vreemde man Hello strange man Ann Christy 3 2nd
2 Goeie morgen, morgen Good morning, morning Nicole Josy & Hugo Sigal 8 1st
3 Alles wordt oranje Everything turns orange Joe Harris 0 4th=
4 Lachen To laugh Mary Porcelijn 0 4th=
5 Tamboerke Tambourine-man Micha Marah 0 4th=
6 Verloren hart, verloren droom Lost heart, lost dream Johnny White 1 3rd
7 Als je terugkomt When you come back Mary Porcelijn 0 4th=
8 Weet je nog wie ik ben Do you still know who I am Mary Porcelijn 0 4th=
9 Vroeg of laat Sooner or later Kalinka 0 4th=
10 Ik ben zeventien  I am seventeen Micha Marah 0 4th=
11 Die ring The ring Micha Marah 0 4th=
12 Immigrant Immigrant Johan Stollz 0 4th=

Nicole & Hugo couldn't sing the song at the Eurovision as Nicole fell ill, so the duo were replaced by Jacques Raymond and Lily Castell who came 14th equal. Jacques had already represented Belgium in 1963 as well as taking part in the 1961 Belgian Final. Nicole previously took part in the 1968 Belgian Final, and the quarter-finals for the 1970 Final.



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