There were 6 quarter-finals with 6 songs in each.  In each quarter-final two songs were chosen for the semi-finals (one song was chosen by an "expert" jury - the other by postcard voting). In the two semi-finals, there was also a third jury which consisted of 100 youngsters. In each semi-final the 3 songs chosen by the respective juries went forward to the final. It is known that Nicole Josy had at least 2 songs in the quarter-finals - if you have any more information on the quarter-finals then please mail me: [email protected]

Semi-Final 1

1 Perle d'étoile Pearl of the star Andrée Simons F
2 Nous serons toi et moi We will be you and me Serge & Christine Ghisoland F
3 Le temps, le vent The time, the wind Ann Christy


4 Notre raison de vivre Our reason to live Marc Bertrand


5 Virginia Virginia Eddy Pascal


6 Viens l'oublier Come to forget him Jean Vallée F

 Semi-Final 2

1 Quand on est amoureux When we are in love Johnny White F
2 La belle époque The beautiful époque Andrée Simons F
3 Ne prends pas la vie comme elle vient Do not take life as it comes Marc Bertrand


4 Lai lai lai Lai lai lai Serge & Christine Ghisoland F
5 Comme tous les amoureux Like all the lovers Frederic Francois


6 Monsieur le printemps Monsieur, the spring Serge Davignac




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