Ludia, or The Independant Nation of Ludia was created on the 20th January, 2007. It is a moderately popular micronation and currently consists of one political party, Aequitas. It is situated in Beckenham, Kent/London, England. It has a royal family with one reigning monarch, Emperor Kiral - representative of Ludian nation and one Prime Minister, Eleanor Reed, involved in a single democratical vision of freedom.
Due to the small size of Ludia, involvement from all it's citizens in its running of economy is possible, and therefore an aim. the infrastructure of Ludia is non-existant but for a tiny economy running on income of its own citizens, royalty and government. Due to the relative young age of the members of Ludia, this amount is small. Ludians base themselves not on money, they claim, but on the notion of a devouted community of people and good friends, working together on this fun, yet serious project. Direct involvement from all people in the government, including the royalty, and equality is its motto, if any.
It has a secular government, all religions and beliefs of any kind are welcome. The Nation of Ludia relates itself indirectly to the English structure of running - a monarch with relatively low power in comparison to it's government. Like England, its government refers to itself as 'parliament'. Its reasons for creating itself, apart from the notion of direct involvement in politics, are unclear or otherwise, simply for fun. The idea of creating a micronation is itself vague and contraversial, therefore this comes as no surprise.
Welcome to the Independant Micronation of Ludia, on our members behalf, we wish you a very happy new year. January can be a time of sadness - but knowing all around, happy communities, like ours, flourish is some comfort. This is why Ludia is such a happy Nation of People. I, personally, wish you a prosperous year and so do my government, sincerely,
the Prime Minister.

May 2007 bring you many pleasant memories.
King Kiral Koray,
Emperor of Ludia,
Representative of Nation.

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