Specializing in CHINESE NASAL TUFTS and Other rare breeds
These links are links of Chinese Nasal Tufts, Rare Breeds and just good pigeon sites
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Sale Birds mine and other
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Hello every one I raise Chinese Nasal Tufts and I am 24 years old and live in Sanger, Texas about 45 miles North of Dallas I am Co-founder of the CNTCA and also sec-tres of the CNTCA
JP Isoms Chinese Nasal Tufts and more
This site is owned and ran by Josh Prator [email protected]
Josh Prator
Whistles I imported from Beijing China
Black self Hen I raised 2003 bird nice beak and tuft
My german beauty homers are from top breeders in the USA I started my german beautys in 2007 and am not breeding from 16 pair of colors such as blue, red ,silve,r white, black, dun ,and yellow patterns as self , check, bar, grizzle and many others
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