Naimisaranyam is located in Sitapur District(Uttar Pradesh) about 120 kms from Lucknow on the banks of the river Gomati.On the Hardoi sitapur road when one is almost equidistant from both the towns a Large Arch welcomes one to the sacred place of Naimisaranyam .Locally it is known as Nimsar

To reach Naimisaranyam one has to reach Lucknow/Kanpur first from one's place. and then consider the following alternatives dependending on the time of arrival at lucknow/Kanpur and availability of Transport.Naimisaranyam is locally known as Nimsar.

FROM LUCKNOW:Pvt Taxis can be arranged from lucknow and the journey may be around 3-4 hours via sitapur.Buses to Naimisaranyam are very few and infrequent.Sitapur is around 90 kms from lucknow on the Lucknow -Barelley M.G line.Many Passenger trains run daily and the journey from lucknow is around 3-4 hours to sitapur.The passenger trains can be boarded from Lucknow city station

FROM KANPUR:pvt taxis from kanpur may take around 5-6 hours via lucknow,sitapur to Naimisaranyam

FROM BALAMAU-.Reach balamu by taking any train towards bareilly from lucknow on the B.G line.If you are reaching Balamau in the morning then this is a convenient option.Take the passenger train to Naimisaranyam(Nimsar) which runs twice every day.These passenger trains start from Balamau around 8:30 am and 11:30 am and take around an hour to reach Naimisaranyam.

FROM SITAPUR:Reach Sitapur from lucknow by either road or by rail.from Sitapur one can take the passengar train to Balamu which passes via Naimisaranyam(twice aday) or take any bus towards Hardoi from the bus stand.The bus journey is around 1.5 hrs.Buses are available every half an hour.

FROM HARDOI:Reach Hardoi by taking any train towards Barelly from Lucknow on the B.G line.from the Hardoi Bus stand (Bus adda) Govt and private buses as well as jeeps ply to Sitapur which go via Naimisaranayam (Nimsar).The bus journey takes around 1.5 hrs.

It may be said that the buses and trains can be crowded sometimes.The rickshaw and bus fares are cheap here.From Naimisaranyam buses are available from the bus stand to sitapur and Hardoi but are infrequent.Jeeps run from Naimisaranyam to Hardoi.Many Private buses and other transport towards Hardoi/Sitapur are available from the place known as "tiraha"(3 roads junction) which is 2 kms from the town centre.

Some trains to these places from Important Cities in India

Mumbai -Lucknow Pushpak Express-arrives Lucknow at 8:25 am

Doon Express from Howrah Station arrives Lucknow around 7:00 pm and Hardoi 8:30 pm

3151 Jammu Tawi Express from Sealdah arrives Lucknow at 10:00 am and Hardoi 11:50 am

3005 Amritsar Mail from Howrah arives Lucknow 16:25 Hrs and arrives hardoi 17:55 hrs

6040 Lucknow express arrives Lucknow around 19:30 Hrs or else take Ganga Kaveri to Varanasi which arrives Varanasi at 8:00 am .From Varanasi take 3005 Amritsar mail which arrives Varanasi at 9:50 am to Lucknow/Hardoi.
If you are travelling via Ayodhya from Ayodhya take 3151 Sealdah-Jammu Tawi which arrives Ayodhya at 6:00 am

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