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12/05/02: Honest, Brutal, and Afraid of You.

Hmm. Apparently I can't take a sabbatical without the state of etiquette in the quizbowl community going all to hell. Since quizbowl etiquette has degenerated on so many different fronts, here are a few quick shots:

1. Are you new to collegiate quizbowl? Read this.

2. When someone asks for feedback and provides his email address, he generally wants you to contact him privately. Since most of the circuit will probably find your reply completely uninteresting anyway, please be a sweetie and reply privately.

3. Shut up about the damned poll already.

4. We all know that there are many quizbowlers who lack social skills. While this deficiency can, in principle, be remedied (otherwise, why would I be posting this?), some individuals are beyond help. To paraphrase a renowned quizbowler, one might as well take it up with that wall over there.

5. I'm not sure why I have to lay this out for you, but here goes. Say you're in a public argument. Who's supposed to make you look worse, your opponents or yourself? Figure it out.

6. It's spelled "a lot".

7. Gratuitous religious name-calling makes the baby Jesus cry.

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