Guide to Gothenburg/Göteborg Strip Clubs

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Updated Jul 26th, 2009

  1. No clubs are candid brothels, not even inofficially. This is Sweden, remember. There is no "full service" anywhere.
  2. There's no alcohol in any club, just light beer, cola, coffee etc. Smoking not allowed. Maybe in separate smoking rooms, not sure how the clubs have solved this.
  3. All price estimates in Swedish crowns (SEK).
  4. "Street hunting", escorting etc - buying sexual services - is ILLEGAL. Having a paid date with a lady after having found her through the Internet, for example, is ILLEGAL. Picking someone up in the Rosenlund area (close to "Fiskekyrkan") or in any other place is ILLEGAL.
  5. In Gothenburg, the cabins for private posing has a glass wall between you and the lady. You can both watch each other. Further, all the clubs are quite large and fancy. None of them offer erotic massage. All these things differ to what it's like in Stockholm.

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Friggagatan 6, not far from the Central Station. Strip shows each 30 minute, private shows/posing, lap dances. Entrance fee 200. Often around 8-10 girls. Lap dance, posing etc around 300-1000 depending on what you want, and it's possible to get a "box price" when combining. Open 8 PM - 6 AM. Note: The club will probably move during 2007. Check out the home page before visiting. Home page.
Curiousum: The club has moved once or twice since it started, it used to be even closer to the central station.


Andra Långgatan 16, the sign at the entrance says "Video Look". Some kilometer west of central town (close to town areas Haga and Masthugget). Bus or Cable Train to Järntorget. Strip shows, private shows/posing, lap dances. Basically same concept as the two above clubs. Entrance 150. Home page

Club Maxim

Andra Långgatan 34, the sign at the entrance says "XL Shoppen". Bus or Cable Train to Masthuggstorget. Basically same concept as the two above clubs. Open noon - 06. Entrance 160. Lap dance and posing from 400. Live show each 30 minutes. 8-10 girls. Pool tables, cinema, video cabins. Home page
Curiousum: Formerly known as Moulin Rouge (in Mölndal). Has also taken over the business from the recently closed Baby Doll.

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