ugly tree

and some other funny things

ah, the picture that started it all. don't get me wrong, i love daniel (in a  respectable way, not the way teenies who think they're gonna marry him.... cos i am *) and chris cheny (aussie punk band The Living End) but i just looked at this pic and thought, WHOA. they fell outta the ugly tree.

* please note the MASS amounts of sarcasim. (this goes for all future astrixed remarks i may make as well)

yeah ben, the sasquach look really works for you.

i've heard of ecclectic friendships, but the cobains really go all out.

meet... daniel, the lush.

ben thinks he's dave grohl

yeah, well.. mister magazine man, we think he's drunk already, i mean, look at him!

haircut anyone?


never ever should the weight of your hat exceede the weight of your body. nor should that hat, in actuality be a sweater. *tsktsk* daniel....

more to come, very soon

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