at the time, i have many many many more picutres of daniel than anyone else. i used to run an exclusive daniel website.... oh well, enjoy heaps of pics added regularly

i want my coat.....
maybe if i twist myself they'll put me in a REAL freakshow...
WOW daniel must've given pouting lessons before this photo shoot, they all look like him
daniel live (sorry, no humorous caption here, maybe i'll get mel to help me later)
ANGELDAN!!! (either that or he's jesus, but that can't be right, cos I am...)
an animation of ben playing and daniel being a smart ass
i don't think ben's quite grasped the idea of daniel, he's still an oddity
all my notes say is daniel live..... uh oh, can't remember.... oh well
chris & his twin sister, louise (you have to feel sorry for her, having to stay in a small area with CHRIS for a long period of time without kicking the crap out of him...)
wow, chris had that "kick me i'm a lewser" look wayyyy back in the third grade
he's happy cos he got his coat back...
on the road again
yeah i'm sure he needs ben to show him the way forward, if he put his own makeup on.... (hehe)
i don't think daniel has EVER belted "out a number"
could he look any more bored?
yes chris
yeah that's it, a nice close up of his nostrils, the little girls'll come a runnin'
chillin' with the crew
is it just me or do they look too damn cynical?
daniel sure likes his speakers...
ben could sooo pass for rico suave...
trying to look purty for ben?
you know i look fierce..... i'm one sexy bitch, oh yeah....
my perception of ben, sorry.....
my perception of daniel... well it DOES look like him, you have to admit!
my perception of chris, i make no apoplogies for my chris jokes
i know my guitar is sexy....
in a hotel room (the teenies go crazy!)
i love this wallllll
i'm so happy to be here
just call him regan
oi! what i yutz! (daniel turns into a yiddish mother)
does he look stressed to you?
stick yer finger in a light socket there danny boy?
tiny chair?..... pardon the pun
daniel has developed the ability to change colors through force of the mind
does his hair look kinda funky to you, too?
does this mean they're gonna get naked now?
god? i hope they don't laugh at me....
i wish i was in a REAL freak show
this is wot i think about you! all of you!!!! bwahahahahaha
i cannot describe just how generic this picture is
nice glasses.......
daniel johns.... supermodel
modeldan strikes again!
i hate the word groovy, i must not have named this one
hard at work (yeah, right, you know he's working on perfecting his come as you are cover)
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep again
gallager? naw....
could that expression get any more blank?
daniel and his woman
this picture is soooooooo generic
let me introduce you to daniel "blood hell....I'M A LUSH!!"  johns
ugh, you are sooo, un fab, watto, remove this so not a diva from my presence

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