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November 27, 2006
CyberMonday, what a day? Got some nice hits on my site today. Too bad i didn't get more! Anyways, My wifie takes care of the site and she is doing a great job. I am very proud of her. Just for those of you that don't know WWW.QUALITYPEDALCARS.COM is composed of various categories, from pedal cars and costumes to model ship kits and neon clocks. If you are a collector, you will love the site because it has some very good looking collectors items such as die-cast models. If you are a parent, you wil love the site too because it gives you a variety of toys to select from. If you are a grey haired good lookin' mama or papa or person, you will also love it because it will bring back memories of the time of your youth.
If you have not yet visited our site, feel free to check it out and enjoy your time while doing so.

2006-11-28 03:08:28 GMT

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