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November 18, 2006
Today I went to a little party from my kid's school. They had some food, some music, some other families. They all seemed to enjoy it. My family and I also enjoyed it. Especially because my son was able to dance and have fun with other kids his age. After that we decided to go to Toys R us, but could not find the place. We ran into a traffic jam because of an accident on the road and it took us a long time. The wife got aaaangry at me for "driving around and wasting time"and we had a discussion on our way back. When we got home, I left to get some gas and to take a break from the battle. Now i'm back home. We got a sale yehh!
Oh! before we went to the party, we went to Walmart to take some pictures of the kids and to buy my son some hot-wheels sneekers and some dress shoes.
2006-11-18 22:54:44 GMT

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