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Master Ng Choong Fah (4kb)

Master Ng Choong Fah (Wu Song Fa) is one of Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao's disciples. He was born in Malaysia in 1942. His father was killed during Japanese Occupation, about more than a month before he was born. He was very enthusiastic in Chinese martial arts ever since he was young. He acquired his basic knowledge in martial art at Jing Wu Sport Organization when he was in primary school.

After graduating from high school, Master Ng furthered his studies in Taiwan. During leisure time, he sought everywhere to find a master who could teach him martial art. Finally, when he was a senior, unexpectedly he met up with Grandmaster Liu. Since then, he learned from Grandmaster Liu and after a series of challenges and tests, Grandmaster Liu accepted him as an apprentice.

Master Ng was under Grandmaster Liu's coaching for years. Through the years, Master Ng trained for six hours everyday and has greatly benefited from Grandmaster Liu's teachings. During the period, Master Ng was once the trainer for the National Chinese Taiwan Ministry of Education Sports Section Head, Wushu history editorial, Chinese National Wu Tan editor, Chinese National Martial Art Research Organization coach and Wutan Magazine chief editor.

After Master Ng returned to Malaysia he continued to promote Chinese martial arts and the spirit of fine art with persistent. He is now the consultant of the Baji Quan committee in Taiwan, National Chinese Martial Art, and also the founder of Wutan Baji Quan Bagua Zhang Association.

To date, Master Ng has more than 200 students and apprentices from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, US and UK.

Besides that, Master Ng is also a very outstanding tenor singer in a choir. He is also a conductor in a choir and also a chinese calligrapher. He also writes article on music using Song Zi as his pseudonym.

His Masters

The following chart shows Chinese Martial Arts masters whom Master Ng had learnt Chinese Martial Arts from, in the past:

English version
Master Ng's teacher Chinese version
Master Ng's teacher

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