Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
                                        Ch Aristocrats Once Ina Blue Moon
Bm                                      Aristocrats Lady Sings the Blue
            Ch Blueprint Moon Dancer
Bm                                                                 Ch Papillon of Meshlacon
                                        Blueprint Opalescence
                                         Ch Timberwoods Emily Remembered
                                                                                   Ch Fieldmasters Three Ring Circus
                                        Ch Briarbrooks Center Ring
Bm                                     Ch Patch-Work Quilt
            Ch Brightwoods High Hopes
Bm                                                                Ch suns Mark of Windermere Cd
                                        Ch Happy Days Promises, Promises Cdx
Bm                                    Ch Brightw Promise of Happy Days
Color: Black tri Red Factor          Eye Color: L-Brown R-Brown          COI: 22.67%          Hips: As-10787G24M
Eyes: Cleared          DOB: April 11 1995          Reg#: E79120   DL596123/01      
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