Chipp Zanuff

Chipp, on contrary to popular belief, is, in fact, the fastest character in the game. (I have sat there for hours doing tests and yes, he is faster than Millia.) He also has the best ability to combo in the game. He can easily get a 7 hit combo by rapidly hitting the punch or kick button. Good character to begin with? Yes. As long as you can handle to speed. He can be used as a Ryu type character also which becomes nice in desperate situations. Just be very careful with him though, his defense is the lowest in the game.

Moves List

Alpha Blade - QCF+P (OK in air)
Beta Blade - DPM+S (OK in air)
Gamma Blade - HCF+HS
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni - D,D+P/K/S/HS (This is a teleport. P=forward a bit, K=forward a lot, S=back a bit and slightly in the air so that he lands instead of appearing on the ground completely, HS=forward a lot but in the air like he jumped instead dropping down on the opponent (will be directly in front of them if within range).)
Tsuyoshi-Shiki Meisai - QCB+K (This makes Chipp almost completely invisable. It is possible to see him, but with how fast he moves and the combination of a few teleports, you can lose the opponent completely. This lasts for a good while or until he is hit.)
Genro Zan - HCF+K (Unblockable)
Ressho - QCF+S
Rokusai - QCF+S after the Ressho (The Opponent must lower guard to block this.)
Senshu - QCF+K after the Ressho or the Rokusai. (This will hit lower guarding opponents.)

Overdrive Attacks

Zansei Roga - HCB,F+HS (Unblockable if the opponent is in the air.)
Banki Messai - QCFx2+K

Instant Kill

Press All 4 Buttons to activate the "Attack Mode" then while in it:
Delta End - QCFx2+HS (This will set up 5 fire balls within the area that Chipp was in. If the opponent physically touches any of them, even with an attack, they will be hit by the move.)


(I am not giving you my prized combos for my best character.)
This actually works. Just ram the button and get about 7-8 hits.

Guilty Gear Mode Changes

Don't ever try to charge in at a Guilty Gear Mode Chipp. His speed becomes 2 times what it was before. His ability to string moves together and jump cancel attacks becomes about two times more effective. A GG Mode Chipp is able to pull of a basic 15 hit combo without the assist of a Dust Attack. He also seems to be a bit stronger, but his defense is still low. Who cares? If they can't hit you, they can't deal damage.
Another change which is nice is the fact that his Banki Messai is now different. He still barrages them, but the attacks are different. Also, if they are hit, you'll build up almost 50% of the tension gauge. If they block it, you'll build of about 75% of your tension meter off this overdrive.

Gold Form Changes

Do not even think about letting your block go if you are facing Gold Chipp. Play it defensive, always. He will make a mistake since he is computer controlled and then take advantage of his lower defense which seems to be average now. His attack is high compared to a normal character and he is about three times faster than a Guilty Gear Mode Chipp. This is one dangerous guy.

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